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Account Management

Login issues, my.HACC account, Password Resets, Expired/disabled accounts, Expired/disabled password, Student account activation, Account permissions, Compromised accounts, Username, AD Users and Computers, System Access Requests (SAR)

Banner & Enterprise Application Support (Employees Only)

Enterprise Application Support
For support with existing applications i.e. Banner Custom Jobs, etc. and requests for database development and new applications.

Computer & Printing Support

Support services for desktops, laptops, and accessories, including printers, copiers, docking stations, headsets and other peripherals.

Web Services, my.HACC portal, HACCWeb, Brightspace (D2L),, Kivuto, HAWKmail, Webmail, Pearson, Degree Works, Navigate.

Technology Requests

Staff technology request, Student technology request, Classroom technology request, Broken devices, New technology requests, Laptops, Desktops, Headsets, Monitors, Webcams, Hotspots, New Equipment Request, Event setup request, Event Setups, External Event Setup request, Audio and Visual requests

Software & Applications

Academic software, Microsoft Azure, VPN, Outlook, Jabber, Zoom, Office 365, hacc.onthehub portal, Adobe Creative Cloud, Software requests, Remote Desktop, Google apps, Browser, Windows OS, Papercut, Student Software

Classrooms & Computer Lab Support

Our technicians strive to ensure that the technology available in classrooms and computer labs are in good working order at all times. However, as with all technology, things can break. Please use one of the services listed below to report a specific issue with a classroom or computer lab on campus.

Employee Onboarding (Employees Only)

Request access, create accounts, request equipment for employees.

Reporting & Analytics (Employees Only)

Request data, contact lists, institutional and operational reports, surveys, research projects, and labor market information

Internet, Network, Telecom & VPN

Wired/Wireless Internet (HACC Wi-Fi, HACC Guest), Network Connections, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Internet connectivity, Phone services.

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I Can't Find What I Need

Can't find what you are looking for? Use this service to submit a request for an issue not listed in our categories.