Web Services

HACC.edu, my.HACC portal, HACCWeb, Brightspace (D2L), HACC.onthehub.com, Kivuto, HAWKmail, Webmail, Pearson, Degree Works, Navigate.

Services (13)

Brightspace D2L

Brightspace D2L is the college Learning Management System (LMS).

Degree Works (Employees)

Degree Works is a comprehensive view for advisors and advisees of a student’s degree progress and the ability to head off challenges along the way.

Degree Works (Students)

Degree Works is an online system that easily allows students to reach their academic goals as they progress towards graduation.

Employee Directory

The employee directory is available in the my.HACC portal. It provides basic information about our employees, including email, phone number, employee title, and office location.

Google Apps for Employees

Google Drive, and other Google applications for employees.

Hacc.edu Website

Report issue with hacc.edu website. Request change to website.


HAWKMail is a free Google Mail (Gmail) account that HACC uses to email students.

Microsoft Office 365 (hacc.onthehub.com)

Office 365 (hacc.onthehub.com)

Microsoft Outlook Webmail

Microsoft Outlook webmail is the online version of the email system used by HACC employees.


my|HACC portal, HACCWeb, Changes to my|HACC Content, Content Owners, Announcements (the Horn)

Navigate (Employees)

Navigate is a system that helps academic advisors, faculty, and other staff scale interventions to streamline day-to-day work and create a truly coordinated network for student success.

Navigate (Students)

Navigate is a platform for HACC students to schedule appointments, keep track of to-dos and events, find resources, and more.

HACC Applications

HACC applications include HACC Identity Management (HIM), CAS, SSO, Print Queue Admin tool, Academic Room Calendar, UDCID & PIDM finder, and DBA Jobs Output.