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Login issues, my.HACC account, Password Resets, Expired/disabled accounts, Expired/disabled password, Student account activation, Account permissions, Compromised accounts, Username, AD Users and Computers, System Access Requests (SAR)

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Login Issues

Issues logging into your HACC account (HACC email, my.HACC portal, HACC owned computers, etc.)

Expired Account or Password

HACC user account passwords have a life cycle of 140 days. Users are notified of password expiration 30 days prior to password expire date. Users should reset their password through the password reset portal prior to expiration date to avoid login disruptions.

New Student Application Issue

Issues creating a new student application account, Issues accessing the new student application system, Student application login issue, Student application account locked.

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Systems Access Request and Changes

Systems Access Request and Changes


Submit tickets to the ES team for Argos login or reporting issues, or request a new Argos report from the IR team