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Services or Offerings?
Submit tickets to the ES team for Argos login or reporting issues, or request a new Argos report from the IR team. Please use System Access Request (SAR) for any access requests!

Service available to individuals requesting AV / Media Services support for meetings, special events, or any other event requiring the need for technician assistance and/or equipment.

Request change to a custom banner job. Request a new custom banner job. Report on broken banner functionality of break/fix issues.

Brightspace D2L is the college Learning Management System (LMS).

Request help with classroom technology.

Request support for a computer lab on campus.

Degree Works is a comprehensive view for advisors and advisees of a student’s degree progress and the ability to head off challenges along the way.

Degree Works is an online system that easily allows students to reach their academic goals as they progress towards graduation.

The employee directory is available in the my.HACC portal. It provides basic information about our employees, including email, phone number, employee title, and office location.

Enterprise Applications connected to Banner like Application Extender (Appxtender), Evisions Maps, Formfusion, Intellecheck, and CRM Recruit, cashnet, sciquest

Request Printing Services from PrintWorks.

Request Printing Services from HACC's Printing Shop.

Google Drive, Youtube, and other Google applications for employees.

HACC applications include HACC Identity Management (HIM), CAS, SSO, Print Queue Admin tool, Academic Room Calendar, UDCID & PIDM finder, and DBA Jobs Output.

Report issue with website. Request change to website.